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Free teaching tools for today's 21st century educator & learner
This site has been designed for an elementary school teacher.  It provides free resources, tools and websites for teachers to use in a classroom setting as well as to use as recommendations for parents to use with their children at home.  Elementary school teachers will benefit as it is a one stop shop for teachers to find resources. This educational site encourages 21st century skills that focus on the Common Core Teaching Standards that have been implemented in most states. Teachers will find resources for many subject areas including ELA, math, science, social studies, coding, virtual field trips, STEM, and STEAM. All resources are mostly free with relation to the common core and PARCC testing.  Using the menu to the left, elementary school teachers will find websites for English language arts, mathematics, website, websites, elementary websites, elementary literacy websites, elementary math websites, free teacher websites, elementary science websites, elementary social studies websites, elementary digital tools, digital tools, digital citizenship, internet safety, digital learner, Common Core, cyber safety, teaching 21st, teaching, free teacher.  These are mostly free teacher resources.


Adaptive Math Websites
  • Prodigy Math - Grades 1-8 - Students "battle" other players in the game by solving math problems aligned to the Common Core.  Teachers have the option to customize which skills students will be working on.  Players are anonymous.  
  • Mangahigh - Grades 2-12
  • Sumdog - Adaptive, research based math & literacy program
  • Woot Math - Grades 3-8: Adaptive fractions, decimals, and ratios
  • XtraMath - Adaptive site for math facts practice

Activities & Lesson Plans